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Les maisons des Logis du Bourg

The houses of the Logis du Bourg

All the lifestyle of the logis du bourg is centered around this big kitchen and this big dinning room with a monastic charm.

Capacity: 6 persons

Total surface: 140m2

Meeting point between all the houses. The see though gallery can welcome all the houses guests for nice parties, cokctail receptions, even weddings!

Capacity: 6 persons

Total surface: 157m2

All relaxed. Loose the track of time in this spanish inspiration house.

Capacity: 4 persons

Total surface: 30m2

Full of sun, ground terrace, this loft is in the zen spirit.

Capacité: 2 personnes

Surface totale: 35m2

All the charm of the village life, but still keeping the romantisme of the compound. Terrace side, view on the country side.

Capacity: 6 persons

Total surface: 140m2

All is centered around the passage from that reception room leading to the cloister, the garden and the small street.

Capacity: 60 persons

Total surface: 60m2


Logis du Bourg
Location de vacances & Séminaires

Route de Grignan



Domaine ouvert toute l’année